Solutions for Families in Business

Owning and operating a family business presents a wide array of challenges that are both unique in the world of business and daunting to navigate, including:

    • Separating the kitchen table from the boardroom table
    • Ensuring that the family can survive the business and the business can survive the family
    • Molding children into tomorrow’s company leaders and a cohesive management team

At PLC, we can assist you in:

    • Defining the governance, structure and organization in your family business
    • Managing relationships with trusted business advisors and a family office
    • Leading family meetings and retreats
    • Resolving emotionally-charged conflict
    • Developing and selecting the next generation of leaders
    • Formulating exit/entry strategies
    • Incorporating non-family executives in operating the business
    • Guiding offspring towards a healthy relationship with money

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